Thursday, July 05, 2012

Le Vieux fusil 1975

Le Vieux fusil 1975 - Director: Robert Enrico
Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider, Joachim Hansen, Jean Bouise

It is 1944 and Germany is losing the war in Europe. The allied forces have broken through on the Normandy front and the occupying troops have begun their retreat. Meanwhile, Julien Dandieu continues with his work as a surgeon in the Périgord. He has no interest in politics and treats his patients without any regard to their origins. Concerned over the safety of his family, Julien instructs his wife Clara and their 13-year-old daughter to go to his large country château, to wait for the end of the war. When he visits the château a few days later, Julien is outraged when he discovers that his loved ones have been brutally murdered by a handful of SS soldiers, who are still in the area. A man who has hitherto devoted himself to saving lives, Julien now decides the time has come for him to jettison his scruples and become a killer...

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